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Robotic arm series

SZGH professional design、Develop and manufacture more than 80 batch -produced robot arms,Including General Series、Welding series、Spraying series、Ducking series、grinding and moving series、Collaborative robot、Scara robot, etc.

Machine Tool series

SZGH can provide lathe controller、milling machine controller、Carving controller、Mogan controller, etc.

CNC system

GH1000MC 3-5 AXIS CNC milling controller with ATC + PLC

The spindle servo motor and drive

High -performance control function is comprehensive: stable speed control,Accurate position control,excellent torque control。

servo motor and drive

szgh -201k (BS20BA)、szgh-301k (BS35ba)

Robot application case


Delivery Robot Series

Loading and Unloading Robot Series

Welding Robot Series

Welding Robot Series

Calculation Robot Series

Palletizing Robot Series

Following Robot Series


Spray Robot Series

Painting Robot Series

Collaborative Robot Series

Cases of machine tools


Line processing case

CNC Lathe Machine

Milling machine processing case

CNC Milling Machine Processing

CNC cases for machine tools

CNC Machine Retrofit Cases

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2024 EUROPEAN Cup Football Betting

2024 EUROPEAN Cup Football Betting (formerly known as & ldquo; Shenzhen 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Automation Technology Co., Ltd.,Marketing and overseas trade,Our focus is to provide quality welding robots,Calculation Robot,Saimal Robot,Spraying robot,Follow the robot ,CNC system、milling control system,CNC carving system,AC servo motor and driver, etc. 

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